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congaz — IAA_Light
The future. What does it feel like? For the IAA congaz transformed the future into an experience for all senses. SEE, FEEL, TASTE, HEAR, TOUCH – or simply experience the future!
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Skoda Fabia
Digital World Premiere
The digital world premiere of the Skoda Fabia marks a significant milestone in the evolution of vehicle design and technological innovation.
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Williams Racing
Williams asked for an emotional film for their extraordinary racing car. In spectacular shots we demonstrate the unique characteristics of the car.
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To celebrate the new generation of Trucks by MAN we send one on a journey from Munich to Bilbao, where the truck was finally presented to a select audience. To keep the excitement high the truck was covered with mirror foil – but in fact it wasn’t.
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The World Premiere brought visual and audio layers together, creating an illusion of time, space and movement, supported by artistic live performances in the air and on the ground.
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Inside the walk-in snowball located in front of the baroque „Residenzschloss“ in Ludwigsburg, visitors delved into a media-staged, immersive 360-degree winter wonderland, brought to life by a fascinating 360-degree dome projection.
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MAN revealed their new CiTE 18 at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover presenting digital solutions for the future driving experience. An inspiring road movie introduced the truck before it finally entered the stage.
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A new era of the charging experience. Our contribution to the CES - a walk-through, interactive explanatory film.
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P&C Christmas
This year Santa Claus is supported by a lot of helpers. We designed a little christmas tale for Peek & Cloppenburg.
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BMW Motorrad
If you are wondering what we did here with this self-balancing beauty, the answer is simple: Just everything it required.
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Sport by Adidas
When an agency and the client call from London just to tell you that you can have unlimited fun while shooting a limited sneaker in Berlin, how could you possibly say no?
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Mille Miglia
This job started with super sleek 3D-animations of a watch. It ended in a whole short film noir car race.
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Vodafone Future Talk
The future is exciting. Ingrid and Claus, famous couple from the former ProSieben show „TV Total“, discuss cutting edge technologies for Vodafone. In this episode they look into the pros and cons of self refilling fridges and fax messages.
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BMW Vision NEXT 100
The real ingredients here: an at the time non-existent car, a non-existent environment and a non-existing camera.
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btty Sportwetten
Do whatever you want. The sky is the limit. The road to success is paved with countless opportunities. With BTTY life can be a safe bet – you don’t need too many options if you know which one is the one for you.
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Grohe - Everstream
Welcome to the future of showering with Grohe Everstream Technology!
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