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Autonomous driving can be so much fun. Four cocoons were the playground for the games, a 360° panoramic film presentation the environment that congaz added to Hyundai’s booth at the CES in Las Vegas.
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A curious building was created on the Merck campus to celebrate the company's 350th anniversary. A space where you can learn and have fun! We provided a range of media content for this colorful installation, inspired by the company's motto: Be curious.
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iNext World Flight
5 Days. 4 Cities. 1 Car like no other. The World Premiere of the new BMW Vision iNEXT touches all senses in an almost impossible showroom.
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The World Premiere brought visual and audio layers together, creating an illusion of time, space and movement, supported by artistic live performances in the air and on the ground.
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Inside the walk-in snowball located in front of the baroque „Residenzschloss“ in Ludwigsburg, visitors delved into a media-staged, immersive 360-degree winter wonderland, brought to life by a fascinating 360-degree dome projection.
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Digital X is the hotspot for digital innovation. Over 160 top speakers talk about and discuss the future. From AI, internet of things, 3D-printing to AR. Sponsored by Telekom this event is the competence hub for innovation.
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A new era of the charging experience. Our contribution to the CES - a walk-through, interactive explanatory film.
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C&A fashion show
Inspired by the Muse: Texture landscapes in a continuous flow of imagery tell of the fantasies that led to the C&A Autumn Winter Collection. The awakening dawn is accompanied by a deep and intense voice that portrays the muse.
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BMW Product and Brand Experience
Working with the depth of the entire hall, the light architecture as a dynamic element built the stage for the active driving reveal of the cars.
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Porsche Cayenne IAA
From the surface to the core. The audience was taken on an emotional journey through the cars living worlds to the actual product reveal. An unusual staging for the new Porsche Cayenne at the International Motor Show.
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Klitschko Brand Event Elbphilharmonie
In the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, congaz developed and realised the presentation for the Visual Identity System of the KLITSCHKO brand. Over 25 years in professional boxing taught Wladimir Klitschko: whatever the challenge, you can handle it. Because you are the driving force.
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When screens are bigger than ever before. When an iconic brand has its 100th anniversary and longs for perfection. When something has never been done before and when it takes another 100 years for the next wish to make it perfect.
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Remondis Erlebniscontainer
An immersive journey through the consequences of climate change - and what we can do about it!
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»Connecting the dots«
This year, we once again made a significant contribution to the DWS investor conference. congaz developed, created, and produced the spectacular intro show. Together with choreographers, dancers, and lighting designers, we staged this impressive event in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt.
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Mercedes-Maybach S-Class
Pre-Show & Press Conference
Media production for the press conference for the launch of the Mercedes Maybach S-Class in China. A visually captivating event that combined traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern luxury.
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