Artificial Intelligence

THE Future of Media production

Welcome to the future of media production – at congaz we use the power of artificial intelligence to give your brand, event or customer experience a real edge! From creating stunning images, movies or music to real-time interactive tools, our AI-driven ideas will take your content to the next level.

Where AI meets motion

Discover the boundless potential of AI Motion Design! We’re setting new standards by integrating innovative AI animation techniques to create videos filled with a wealth of movements and animated elements. Through the advanced fusion of various AI video techniques, we craft stunning animations.

Creativity knows no bounds

With our AI-driven ‘congaz Doodleverse’, that’s more evident than ever! Whether you want to draw, write, or even speak – our Doodleverse turns your ideas into captivating images. And the best part? We can train the model with any desired style, bringing your visions to life just as you envision them. Let’s push the boundaries of creativity together and turn your ideas into art!

Transform into anyone

Step into the world of AI-powered real-time face replacement! Simply name who you want to be, and watch as your famous doppelgänger mirrors your every move. Our mission? To achieve universal real-time face replacement, enabling us to seamlessly create scenes with a myriad of animated characters or real-life personalities.

photobooth assistant

Discover our exciting AI-powered photobooth assistant prototype! Bring your customers’ creativity and imagination to life. Let your community prompt scenarios like ‘A Bilou deodorant spray surrounded by a floral fantasy world’ or ‘A Bilou shower foam surrounded by a dreamy summer beach’ – the product appears in a new environment in seconds – The real product and not an AI fantasy of it!

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Let’s push the boundaries together.
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