We think brand interaction with deep understanding
and intelligent use of technology.

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Remondis Erlebniscontainer
An immersive journey through the consequences of climate change - and what we can do about it!
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Cariad "Exponat"
For CARIAD we developed an interactive exhibit.
Using touch functions and tokens, the visitor can explore the themed
world of the Volkswagen Group software manufacturer.
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Inside the walk-in snowball located in front of the baroque „Residenzschloss“ in Ludwigsburg, visitors delved into a media-staged, immersive 360-degree winter wonderland, brought to life by a fascinating 360-degree dome projection.
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Autonomous driving can be so much fun. Four cocoons were the playground for the games, a 360° panoramic film presentation the environment that congaz added to Hyundai’s booth at the CES in Las Vegas.
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A curious building was created on the Merck campus to celebrate the company's 350th anniversary. A space where you can learn and have fun! We provided a range of media content for this colorful installation, inspired by the company's motto: Be curious.
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Berylls - Website Relaunch

Welcome to the new Berylls website - designed, structured, and enriched with engaging interactive animations by congaz!
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Building Industry Bavaria Innovation Container

Digitization does not stop at construction sites: in an interactive container visitors playfully experience how the building industry will evolve in the future.
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Oral B

Welcome to the unveiling of Oral B's latest electric toothbrush in our virtual studio!
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De:Hub Websummit
The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWI) set up twelve hubs in Germany to strengthen the networking between startups and corporates. Together with RCKT congaz designed an AR application that illustrates the focus of every single hub. The AR experience was released at the web summit in Lisbon.
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HOMAG - Drillteq
Welcome to the digital world premiere of the groundbreaking Homag Drillteq V-310 System!
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The virtual PlakaDiva guides through the content of the show, awards the prizes and welcomes guests as an avatar.
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