snowy wonderland

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walk-in snowball

In the run-up to Christmas, we staged a very special winter experience for McDonald’s together with Milla & Partner. A walk-in snow globe in the courtyard of the Ludwigsburg Residential Palace. A snowy wonderland, complete with lodge and snow cannon, was created in an inflatable ball.

A panorama full of life

Visitors could charge the snow cannon via terminals and activate the winter wonderland. With a flurry of snow, visitors became part of the experience and could immerse themselves in a 360° mountain panorama full of life. All around there were animated, eye-opening and humorous events to watch while experiencing a day in fast-forward from the first ray of light into the night. At dusk, the lodge opened, and the guests could enjoy BigRösti’s and fries under the Northern Lights.

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The giant, nine-meter-high, walk-in snowball served as the location for the “McDonald’s – Winterzeit ist Rösti-Zeit” TV commercial. Inside, visitors were able to immerse themselves in the immersive, media-staged winter wonderland. The eight-minute show with winter scenes, mountain panoramas and northern lights then culminates in a completely analog experience: a Big Rösti on your hand.


Just a month

In a production time of just one month, we created a realistic 360° snowy landscape with lots of details and animations for a 10-minute experience in the form of a dome projection in Unreal. It was important for us to pay attention to the possible positions of the visitors during the storytelling in order to provide everyone with an exciting visual and auditory result. The stage design, the physical components and the sound design were taken into account in order to deliver a convincing result.

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