Remondis Erlebniscontainer

Immersive. Inspiring.
Climate action in motion

An immersive journey through the consequences of climate change – and what we can do about it!
Enter a space illuminated by LED panels on the walls and floor, bringing scenes to life before your eyes. In this multi-minute experience, witness firsthand the impacts of climate change. Vibrant green landscapes morph into blazing infernos, polar ice melts, and cities succumb to floods. But that’s not all – to enhance immersion, we utilize wind, heat, and cold.

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Raising climate protection awareness

Through this remarkable exhibit, Remondis raises awareness on climate change during its roadshow, advocating for the recycling of our precious resources and active climate protection.
For this purpose, we have created hyper-realistic 360° virtual worlds that make the threat of change an impressive experience for all the senses in fast motion.

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Project Partners
from Start to Finish

In this project, congaz has taken full charge, overseeing the planning process, collaborating with our technical partner AMBION on container construction, and driving content development and execution.


A big thank you also goes to the agency YOMOMO and to REMONDIS for the trust they have placed in us.

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