Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Blending Tradition and Innovation

We realized the media for the press conference for the launch of the Mercedes Maybach S-Class in China, creating a visually captivating event that combined traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern luxury. Dancers and performers contributed to an impressive show that used typical Chinese imagery to highlight the vehicle’s features.

Elegance in Motion

Our creative team worked closely with media artist Andree Verleger to design each element of the show to emphasize the elegance and innovation of the new model. The choreography, inspired by the flowing lines of the S-Class, was enhanced with advanced projection mapping, creating dynamic backgrounds that evolved with the performance.

We ensured that cultural nuances were taken into account to appeal to local audiences and demonstrate the global appeal of the S-Class.

congaz — Screenshot_05_Mercedes_Klasse_Projektion
congaz — Screenshot_02_Mercedes_Klasse_Projektion
congaz — Screenshot_04_Mercedes_Klasse_Projektion
congaz — Screenshot_06_Mercedes_Klasse_Projektion