Phygital Experience

Remove the boundaries between physical and digital

congaz — Phygital_BMW

the future of experiencE

Welcome to the future of experiencing. With congaz and our Phygital Experiences!

Phygital, what? Phygital Experiences are exactly what they sound like: the perfect fusion of digital and physical encounters.
Picture this: you step into the Metaverse and suddenly find yourself facing a virtual screen showcasing the real world outside. Or you stand before a real screen and dive into the boundless Metaverse.
And the best part? You can interact in real-time with others, whether they’re in the virtual realm or the physical world!

congaz — Joy_02
congaz — Phygital_04

new dimension of exploration and interaction

With Phygital Experiences, we’re opening up a whole new dimension of exploration and interaction. Whether you’re part of a virtual conference, attending a hybrid event, or simply looking to experience a new form of communication – with congaz, you can break boundaries and make the impossible possible.

congaz — Clouds_02
congaz — Kugeln
congaz — Multi_Screen_transparent

Get ready to discover the future of experiencing.


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(Some ideas were developed in collaboration with Madhat and VAVE Studio. Some of the pictures are examples.)