Skoda Fabia
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The reveal of the new ŠKODA FABIA has been celebrated as a world premiere, completely digitally at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. ŠKODA fans and journalists from all over the world were connected via live stream as ŠKODA presented the fourth generation of the successful small car to the public for the first time.

From Tape
To Art

The DOX in Prague was a very exciting location choice for the ŠKODA Fabia world premiere, as it is the largest independent institution focusing on contemporary art in the Czech Republic.


Art, literature, theatre and music are coming together at the DOX transforming our everyday experience and making it accessible to the public.

This concept connects perfectly with ŠKODA and since we’re in a gallery, ŠKODA curated a tape art exhibition as a framework for the premiere. Why tape art? Because it is a very creative form of street art allowing accessibility also found in camouflage cars.

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NEXT LEVEL ŠKODA is ŠKODA’s current strategic dictum.

The FABIA is the first symbolic vehicle presenting NEXT LEVEL ŠKODA originally inspired by cultural influences like cubist architecture, Czech design and glass art. According to that, the FABIA actively promotes art and culture and wants to be part of it.

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