Virtual Production

Where Visions Become Reality

Welcome to the future of production – at congaz we bring virtual worlds to life and turn your visions into spectacular reality! With our XR technology and state-of-the-art LED studios, we can create stunning virtual environments in real time for any occasion. Whether it’s product presentations, corporate events or movies, we’ve got it covered.

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world of virtual XR studio

Immerse yourself in the world of virtual XR studio technology with congaz and discover limitless possibilities! We track the presenter’s movements in real time and transfer them realistically to different characters. Virtual products can be intuitively explored and interacted with using gesture control. And the best part? With our livestream feature, we can bring a person from anywhere in the world onto the virtual stage at any time.
Experience the future of presentation technology and create impressive, immersive experiences for your target group.

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Let’s redefine the future of production together.

Contact us today to unlock new creative possibilities.


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