The MAN World Premiere consisted of two elements, a Sneak Preview Event in October 2019 and the Central Product Launch (CPL) in February 2020. The events took its viewers on an impressive visual and acoustic journey. Starting with a Sneak Preview in Munich in October 2019, we continued the exciting journey on the 10th and 11th of February with the Central Product Launch in Bilbao. The CPL consisted of two events, a VIP event in the evening and followed by a huge B2B event the next day and following six weeks.

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The event-space was dominated by a revolving platform. Here the guests were placed, surrounded by two immersive projection levels, including a holographic gauze layer. The projections showed the new MAN Truck Generation in its full glory supported by four performers who interacted with the media content.


The visual experience of movement was supported by a bespoke 8.1 sound mix that underlined the immersive experience. The whole event design was built on the idea of a multilayered, multi-dimensional experience. With a total projected area of 1156 m², we needed to render more than 2 million frames of animation that generated over 20 TB of data. On a single computer the render jobs would have taken over five years to complete.

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The World Premiere brought visual and audio layers together,creating an illusion of time, space and movement that was supported by artistic live performances in the air and on the ground. 

The big finale of the over 15 minutes long show-experience was the reveal of the Truck in an 80 meters deep room that was faced by the revolving stage in just the perfect moment. All elements together, the visuals and light show, the live performances, the stage design and the 360° sound created a unique World Premiere that was loved by the VIP- and business-guests that came to see the new MAN Truck Generation in the following days and weeks.

1000 days OF WORK


A team of over 35 people in more than 1000 working days on top. Making decisions on the speed of light with almost no time to catch a breath. And it was all worth it! 
When the truck was finally revealed, and the audience celebrated the hard work with standing ovations we couldn’t be any happier.

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